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Permanent Yuko Hair Straightening

YUKO Hair Straightening System

Yuko hair straightening is an excellent alternative to hot irons and it can turn damaged hair into healthy glossy hair. Yuko is highly favoured by professionals and celebrities; it actually restores damaged hair, straightens frizzy curly and wavy hair, leaving a radiant shine and very natural healthy finish.

Yuko hair straightening system is a chemical process that permanently straightens your hair. It smoothes curly, dry, unruly hair permanently with a revolutionary straightening system that uses heat to restructure the hair's protein bond. The result is smooth, sleek, shiny, straight, regenerated hair that will be a real 'head-turner'.

Yuko System was born in Japan, as was Ms. Yuko Yamashita, who created the system in 1996 with the intent "to create a non-coating, straightening system that uses the heat oxidation process to seal in and rebuild hair from the inside out."

It is a permanent hair straightening system which works on most hair types and leaves your hair straight glossy smooth and straight. Compared to straightening irons which have to be used nearly every day to create straight hair, the Yuko system lasts between 6 and 12 months and only needs to be redone when you have significant hair growth. Your hair has to be at least 4 or 5 inches long for the system to work and can be done on coloured hair.

The protein-based professional Yuko System uses heat iron to seal in moisture then relies on the hair's small amount of "living body electricity" to cut off the hair's cystine bone, reshaping it to appear straight. Heat consolidates the straightening process - REPAIRING and REGENERATING hair.

The shine and softness are evident. Salon professionals and the customer both love the system's results. This goes against the notion that straightened hair is damaged hair: the result is hair that can breathe from a lack of coating, and a hair shaft that is rejuvenated for the first time.

The process can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours depending on the length and condition of the hair. The cost can be anywhere between 300 to 600. The success of this treatment is very dependant on the expertise of the hairdresser performing it.



YUKO System Permanent Hair Straightening - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Yuko Permanent Hair Straightening System work?
A: The Japanese hair straightening system loosens the cystine bonds, reshapes the bonds by straightening the processed cell with a special flat iron, then by using a bromide neutralizer permanently straightens the hair.
Q: Why Yuko Straightening System?
A: With this system even curly or coarse hair is not only straightened and frizz free, but, healthier, softer and shinier. Yuko will cut your drying time in half. Where it is straightened it will stay straightened.
Q: What types of hair can be straightened using YUKO?
A: All Hair types may be Straightened. These types include: Caucasian Hair, Asian Hair, Middle Eastern Hair, European Hair, Latin Hair, Afro Hair (vary), All other Hair types subject to free consultation. We have the experience and education to tailor the Yuko System Hair Straightening to suit just about anyone.

Q: Is coloured hair suitable for YUKO straightening?
A: Generally yes it is. We recommend that if hair is going to be coloured, it is done at least two weeks before or two weeks after the straightening is done. Highlighted hair may or may not be suitable. Highlighted Hair is considered to be damaged Hair regardless of it's strength or appearance. Straightening this hair type of hair requires specialized skills and special chemicals. We are very experienced in working with highlighted and over-processed hair. In any case the condition of the hair should be assessed by a stylist before the straightening is done. So yes, highlighted Hair may be Straightened.
Q: What is the youngest age a person can use the YUKO SYSTEM?
A: It is safe for a child as young as twelve years old to use the process (child has to be accompanied by a parent).
Q: Can senior citizens use the YUKO SYSTEM?
A: YES! The system is processed the same on aged hair but performs just as beautifully.
Q: Is it safe to use this revolutionary hair straightening system?
A: The system has been tested in three continents: Asia, Europe and the USA. It is safe for children over age 12 and for seniors as well!
Q: How long does the YUKO straightening last?
A: The hair that receives straightening will remain straight permanently. However, newly grown hair will again have natural curl. I recommend that you receive a touch-up treatment every six months, but the exact interval will vary depending on the degree of curl and length of the hair.
Q: How often will I need to redo the Hair Straightening?
A: The average length of time between Hair Straightening services may vary but it's around 6 months. Your unique hair texture, speed of growth, and ability to work with the new growth will ultimately determine the length of time for you. Hair straightening retouches are done to the new-growth only. On some rare occasions it will be necessary to re-treat the previously Straightened Hair.

Q: How long does YUKO straightening take?
A: Usually between 3 - 4 hours but very long or dense hair may take longer.
Q: Will I still have to blow dry my hair?
A: After having YUKO straightening you will be able to 'wash and go'. Once re-growth occurs you may find it necessary to style the new growth.
Q: How long will it take me to style my Straightened Hair?
A: The average curly Hair client spends at least thirty minutes styling their Hair. After Hair Straightening most clients can achieve their desired style in ten minutes or less. This time may increase slightly as your new Hair grows back, but should never take as long as your pre-straightened time.
Q: Will I still have frizz after Hair Straightening?
A: Probably not! Frizz is caused by various lengths of Hair which are wavy or curly, bending outward. Various lengths of Straightened Hair lay parallel to each other and usually go unnoticed.
Q: How long before and after Hair Straightening may I colour my hair?
A: It's advised that you not receive ANY chemical service two days prior or two days after Hair Straightening.
Q: Will I still need to use a Hair Straightening iron?
After straightening, you will no longer need a flat iron to achieve Straight Hair. As individual styles my differ, some clients choose to use a Straightening iron to polish their hair or to achieve a desired style.
Q: Does Yuko System Hair Straightening really improve Hair condition?
A: Yes, in most cases. In addition to a Hair Straightening system, Yuko System is a Thermal Reconditioning and repair system. By fusing proteins into the hair thermally, the Hair is strengthened internally while the cuticle layers are pressed smooth providing increased shine and softness.
Q: I've heard of some stylists breaking the Hair off during or after the Hair straightening. How can I avoid such this situation?
A: Unfortunately this has happened to some. Choosing a skilled and experienced Hair Straightening technician is the best insurance for you. Breakage usually occurs following the service as a result of stylist errors. Our experience, knowledge of chemicals, proper assessment of the client's Hair and careful approach in high risk situations insures that damage is not a concern. FYI - Be sure to find out how many Hair Straightening your stylist has performed and how long they have been doing it. You certainly don't want to be part of their "learning curve".
Q: Is there anything I shouldn't do with my hair after having it straightened?
A: For 48 hours after having the straightening done you should avoid doing anything with your hair that you would not want to remain there, e.g. crimps from rubber bands, clips and hats. You should not wash your hair for the first 48 hours after the straightening. You should not colour your hair for at least 2 weeks after having the straightening done. You are encouraged to smooth your Hair after sleeping as well. After the first 48 hours you may do anything you wish with your new Hair.
Q: Will my hair be flat after the Hair Straightening service?
A: Yes! Finally. For the first few weeks your newly Straightened Hair may be a bit flat. However, after just a few weeks of new growth you will enjoy some volume on top while maintaining smooth, sleek ends! Your newly Straightened Hair will still respond to the use of heat and tools such as curling irons and round brushes. Therefore, you may achieve a curly or wavy style on occasion should you choose.
Q: Are there special products to use following the Hair Straightening?
A: It is a good idea to use the prescribed home care products following the service in order to maintain the condition of your new shiny, reconditioned, Straightened Hair. We shall be happy to recommend a product that will be suitable for your hair type and condition.
Q: How much does Permanent Yuko Hair Straightening cost?
A: We like to keep our Hair Straightening prices at a flat rate. We don't start low and raise it once we see you. Also, we are not out to compete in a price war with less expensive and less talented stylists. We aren't out be to be the cheapest nor the most expensive and there are many stylists out there who charge less and some who charge more. Our prices are at the industry standard for a beginner. Obviously we are anything like beginners, we are experts, so we charge what we think is fair considering our skill level is worth so much more. What's a 50 savings if your hair gets ruined? Hair Straightening is always 160, even for a retouch, due to the fact that Straightening the re growth is just as time consuming (about 4 hours) as the initial Hair Straightening. On some rare occasions, like in the case of extremely long/dense hair, the cost could increase by no more than 50. Drew has only charged this additional amount a handful of times.
Q: How long will it take to get an appointment?
A: Usually a week or two. Saturdays book a little further out because most of our clients work or go to school. Some people don't want to wait that long but we want to bring to your attention that any stylist who has four hours to spare to Straighten your Hair at a moments notice is probably someone who is not in demand and you probably don't want to be the one to find out why? Plan ahead.
Q: Do these answers apply to any other stylist?
No!!! For one reason, another Hair Stylist may shy away from straightening colour treated or over-processed Hair. Also, Yuko System is a tool and is only as good as the person using it!!
Q: What other names are used to describe Japanese Hair Straightening?
A: Japanese Hair Straightening, Japanese Straightening, Bio Ionic Hair Retexturising, Thermal Restructuring, Rebonding, Thermal Reconstruction, Liscio Japanese Hair Straightening, Shiseido Crystallizing, Liscio Hair Straightening, Thermal Reconditioning, Ionic Straightening, Japanese Straightening, Japanese Style Hair Straitening, Yuko Hair Straightening and Yuko System.
Q: Why are the old type of relaxers so damaging?
A: Most relaxers contain corrosive ingredients such as Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Lithium Hydroxide, Calcium Hydroxide etc. These ingredients corrode the hair to the point where it is able to be changed to a straight look. These products leave the hair feeling like straw and the curl comes back after an often short period of time.


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